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In The Name Of Love

Arriving home after her part-job at Burger King. Lykessia Lily p lanned to play hide and seek. It was late afternoon on a Sunday. Maybe she`d even play some one-on-one with her little nephew Adrian before Dinner.

Lily                                          : Stephanie, Where is Adrian ? I want to play hide and seek with him
Stephanie                           : Oh no, I forget it. We must look Adrian outside
Dale                                       : Let`s we looking for him outside

(Dale, Stephanie, Lily)    : Adrian……., Adrian……. Where are you ?
Stephanie                           : I think we must search him at the house down the street.
Dale                                       : Ok, quick, we must find him

In their tiny, rural community of Burnsville, North Carolina, kids still run freely from yard to yard. But on that sunny May afternoon six-year-old Adrian Clark seemed to have simply disappear.

Lily                          : I think he was here. Let`s we looking for him
Stephanie           : Right, We must do it
Dale                       : Adrian….. Where are you ?
Stephanie           : Adrian, are you there  ?
Lily                          : I think he is not here.
Dale                       : We need help from everyone to search him around here

Much of his close and extended famiy joined in hysterial search. They all search in the neighborhood and on the first grader`s usual play spots. Finally, they heard far-off cries coming from below a heap of rocks piled on his grandmother `s lawn.

Adrian                   : Help…….. Help………….
Lily                          : Hey, do you hear something ?
Stephanie           : Yeah, I think I hear something, but there is no people
Lily                          : I think that is Adrian voice
Stephanie           : Yeah, and the voice is coming from that well. Let`s we try to search there
Lily                          : Okay, I hope Adrian is there

From the lip of the well, family tried to reassure the child. But they had no idea how to get him out. The well was only 14 inches wide at the top.

Stephanie           : Adrian, are you there ?
Lily                          : Oh there is Adrian down there
Adrian                   : HELP ME…. HELP ME MOM….
Stephanie           : Oh Adrian, are you alright dear ?
Adrian                   : Yeah I think. But I`m so afraid down here
Dale                       : Stephanie, where is Adrian ?
Stephanie           : Adrian inside that well
Dale                       : Adrian, are you alright ?
Adrian                   : I think so dad. But I`m so afraid
Stephanie           : Ok, I`ll call 991

Sirens wailed across town town, alerting volunteers, but Stephanie still worried that Adrian would lose his grip before they got there. Then Lily decide to go down.

Lily          : I will go down there to help him
Dale       : Are you sure ?
Lily          : Yes I Sure
Dale       : OK, I will lowered you down

Lily was lowered down to the well.

Lily          : Adrian, don`t worry, I`ll help you out
Adrian   : Okay, but quick please
Lily          : Don`t worry Adrian, grab my leg now

Then he grab her leg

Adrian   : Okay, I get it
Lily          : Now grab it hard Adrian
Adrian   : Okay
Lily          : Okay, pull me out, everyone
Dale       : Okay, we will do that. EVERYONE PULL HER OUT !

After Lily and Adrian pulled out, both of them were taken to the hospital.

Dale       : Everyone bring them to the hospital

The next week after  that, Dale threw a surprise party to honor the gentle-natured teen, who in the past had expressed fear of even the tamer rides at a nearby amusement park.

Dale       : This party is for  Lily who rescue Adrian from the well
Adrian   : Thank`s auntie, you`ve saved my life. I don`t know how to thank you
Lily          : You`re welcome Adrian. You must be more carefull to do anything from now
Adrian   : Okay auntie

Lily and Adrian have been uniquely close since the rescue.


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